Of all the things you’re working on right now, or hope to work on soon … which is the single most important?

What’s your priority?

Now let me ask you these two simple questions:

  1. When you start work, do you start with your most important priority first? If not, when does it come up during your work day?
  2. How much of your working time is spent on your priority?

If the order of your work, and the time you spend on your work, doesn’t align with your top priority … how can you change that?

It’s just as important to ask these questions about your non-work time: what’s your top non-work priority? Do you do it first in your non-work time? How much of your non-work time do you spend on it?

It’s worthwhile to pause regularly and ask these questions, perhaps weekly or monthly. And then take action to align your life with what matters.

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