Today I’m announcing the relaunch of my Simple Fitness Habit program, with two big things I’m excited about:

  1. The SFH Holiday Challenge, and
  2. My new ebook on sticking to habits: Discipline, Solved

I’ll go into more details of both new things below, but first I should tell you what Simple Fitness Habit is about. It’s a program I launched earlier this year with a group of awesome fitness experts, that includes:

  • Articles & videos from me & these experts on losing weight, gaining muscle, running half marathons, and staying healthy as you age.
  • The Mindful Diet program, with recipes
  • A section on changing habits
  • Accountability forums
  • Bonus ebooks and courses

The program is $15/month. We recently relaunched the forums, started a new monthly podcast, added a Links of the Week email, and added an All Questions Answered feature on the forum where you can ask any question of me or one of our guest experts every two weeks.

I think it’s ideal for anyone trying to create healthy habits or reach a fitness goal.

The SFH Holiday Challenge

We recently announced our holiday challenge to SFH members, and today I’m sharing it with you guys too.

What’s the challenge about? Basically, sticking to rules you create to stay healthy during the holidays — not gaining all that holiday weight, and maybe getting leaner and healthier in the process.

How does it work?

  1. Choose an eating habit. We have several suggestions, from No White Foods to our Mindful Diet to a vegan diet, but what you choose is up to you.
  2. Choose an exercise challenge. Again, it’s up to you, though we have a couple of suggestions here.
  3. Make a big public commitment. Announce it big time.
  4. Stay accountable. Check in daily or as often as you have time for. This will help you stick to the challenge.

Sound good? Read more here.

Discipline, Solved: An Ebook on Sticking to Habits

I just finished an ebook about sticking to habits and finding motivation for exercise and diet changes: Discipline, Solved.

It’s a free bonus if you sign up for Simple Fitness Habit.

The book is short, easy to read, and contains everything I’ve learned about sticking to habits despite all kinds of obstacles.

It should also help you stick to the Holiday Challenge.

I hope you’ll join us in this challenge. It should be fun.

My 50-Mile Race

Speaking of challenges, I’m running the 50-mile North Face Endurance Challenge tomorrow (Sat. Dec. 7) with my friend Scott. I’ve never run a 50-miler before, so I have no idea if I’ll finish, but I hope to have a good time either way. I won’t be running fast — just enjoying the views and conversations.

My main motivations:

  1. To show my kids that you don’t have to be afraid of scary, difficult challenges.
  2. To learn more about meditating as you move.
  3. To serve as inspiration for you, my reader, as others have inspired me.

So I’ll be thinking of all of you tomorrow. With a smile on my face.

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